At Modern Optometry, we can not only provide your vision exam, but we can also take an already existing prescription and help you to pick out your perfect pair of glasses!

Frame Styling

Deciding on the right frame can be difficult with so many options from which to choose:

  • Which shape best suits your face?
  • Should you choose a plastic or a metal frame?
  • What size frame should you choose to fit your prescription?

These are just some of the questions that our opticians are specially trained to answer for you.

We have a large selection of frames in our office, and our opticians would be happy to sit with you and review your frame, lens and lens treatment options, based on your insurance benefits, your comfort and your budget. If you’d like to see a sample of the frames we have in our office, you can browse them here!

Lens Types

Depending on your vision needs, our doctor will prescribe you to wear a specific type of lens to ensure the best vision possible for you. Here are the most common lens types:

Single Vision Lens provides correction for either Distance, Reading, Computer, etc.

Bi-Focal Lens provides correction for 2 focal points. It’s most commonly used for both Distance and Reading together, but other combinations are possible, depending on your needs.

Progressive Lens provides correction for multiple focal points, including everything from your distance power all the way down to your reading power. Although this is the most comprehensive type of corrective lens, there are multiple manufacturers of these lenses. Check with your optician to be sure that you’re getting the proper type of progressive lens that suits your lifestyle, comfort and budget!

Lens Options

There are many lens options available to you, which can provide you with added comfort, style or both!

Anti-Reflective Coating allows more light to reach your eyes, reducing glare, eye stress, headaches and provides better vision at night. Anti-Reflective Coatings can also provide protection from Harmful Blue Light, such as the light emanating from computer screens, phones and tablets.

Transitions / Photochromics automatically adapt to changing light conditions.

Polarized Lenses provide protection from the sun’s UV rays, while maintaining clarity of vision.

Frame Fitting

No two people share the same facial dimensions, so every pair of glasses that we provide to our patients needs to be properly fitted to each individual. This allows our patients to not only see correctly and feel comfortable in their glasses, but look great, as well! Fitting only takes a few minutes, but is an essential part of the process.

You don’t need an appointment for this service, just stop in during normal business hours or call/text us at 215-335-9090 with any questions you may have.