Motion sickness and light sensitivity may have more to do with your vision than with you think! At Modern Optometry, Neurolens®, a revolutionary new lens design, is available to correct eye misalignments that contribute to motion sickness and light sensitivity. Rebecca Verna, OD, has helped thousands of patients find lasting relief from pain and other eye misalignment symptoms. Call the office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to learn how Neurolens can quickly relieve your symptoms, or book an appointment online today.

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What eye conditions cause motion sickness and/or light sensitivity?

Either of these symptoms can result if you have an eye condition called binocular vision dysfunction (BVD). This condition occurs when your eyes are slightly misaligned, which makes it difficult for the eyes to send clear messages to your brain.

Modern Optometry offers an innovative new lens design that corrects an eye misalignment, giving you rapid and lasting relief from bothersome symptoms. Dr. Verna uses Neurolens® to treat individuals who wear prescription glasses, contact lenses, or no lenses at all.

When should I consider optometry care for motion sickness and/or light sensitivity?

You should schedule a consultation at Modern Optometry if you have motion sickness and/or light sensitivity that occurs with:

  • Dry eye
  • Eye strain
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Persistent Neck Pain
  • Persistent Shoulder Pain

For some, symptoms of an eye misalignment can be severe enough to interfere with your daily routine. You may not be able to read, be physically active, or drive a car without experiencing an increase in your symptoms.

Using the Neurolens system, Dr. Verna can improve the clarity of your vision and prevent additional motion sickness and/or light sensitivity, headaches, and other symptoms.

How does Neurolens work for motion sickness and/or light sensitivity?

Neurolens is a prescription lens that features a contoured prism to correct your eye alignment. The lenses relieve eye strain when you focus on objects up close, and at a distance, so you no longer have to compensate by tilting your head and squinting your eyes to see clearly.

During a comprehensive eye exam, Dr. Verna can measure your eye misalignment at different distances to create the Neurolens prescription you need. Your new lenses will feature areas of contoured prisms where you need it most to optimize your visual clarity.

You should wear your lenses at all times while you’re awake, especially when using your computer or another digital device, to ensure the best treatment outcome.

Call Modern Optometry to find out if Neurolens is right for you, or book an appointment online today.