Routine eye exams are your first line of defense against eye diseases that can affect your vision and long-term eye health. At Modern Optometry, experienced optometrist Rebecca Verna, OD, specializes in routine eye exams for adults and children five and up. Dr. Verna uses advanced technology to assess your eye function and write a lens prescription to improve your vision. Call the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, office to schedule a routine eye exam for yourself or your family, or book an appointment online today.

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What is a routine eye exam?

A routine eye exam is an annual exam that assesses your visual acuity and overall eye health. These preventive exams are an effective way to identify early warning signs of eye diseases and disorders, so you can get the treatment you need before the issue worsens.

Modern Optometry offers routine eye exams for adults and children aged 5 and up. Dr. Verna completes a thorough eye exam and can offer resources that protect your long-term vision and eye health.

When should I schedule a routine eye exam?

Healthy adults with no vision or eye issues should schedule a comprehensive eye exam by age 40, even if you’re not having symptoms. At this age, degenerative changes in your eyes can increase your risk for glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other eye conditions.

You should also schedule a routine eye exam at Modern Optometry if you experience changes in your vision or any unusual eye symptoms. You can also expect to need yearly exams if you have an existing eye disease or need glasses or contacts to improve your vision.

Children should have a complete eye exam by age five before they start kindergarten.

What happens during a routine eye exam?

During a routine eye exam at Modern Optometry, Dr. Verna reviews your personal and family medical history to identify potential risk factors for eye diseases or vision issues. She also completes several tests, including:

Vision testing

Vision testing includes vision acuity tests, where you read a wall eye chart to determine if you need glasses or contacts to improve the clarity of your vision.

Eye function testing

Eye function tests evaluate how well your eyes are working together. These tests assess your depth perception, color vision, peripheral vision, and the responsiveness of your eyes to light. Dr. Verna also ensures your eye muscles are working properly.

Eye health evaluation

During an eye health evaluation, Dr. Verna visually examines the inner and outer structures of your eye using magnification instruments and a bright light. She also tests your eye pressure to identify early signs of glaucoma.

After your eye exam is complete, Dr. Verna discusses any treatments you need to manage conditions like dry eye or refractive errors. She also recommends how often you need to schedule an eye exam to monitor your eye health and vision.

Call Modern Optometry to schedule a routine eye exam for yourself or your child, or book an appointment online today.